Wake Up, Koala! is a 2d puzzle game featuring a very sleepy Mama Koala who really needs to wake up. Her baby koalas are up to no good, and they need your help in splashing water drops on Mama Koala to wake her up. The tricky part is how you get the water drops to her!
Wake Up, Koala! incorporates symptoms of Sjögren’s, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks moisture producing glands. Patients may feel quite fatigued, just like Mama Koala, and are often in need of moisture throughout their body. You might think that that makes this game boring–but nope! With over 120 levels across 7 worlds, the focus is on fun, with a sprinkle of awareness thrown in.
To find out more about Wake Up, Koala! visit http://wakeupkoala.com/
To find out more about Sjögren's Syndrome visit https://www.sjogrens.org
My roles during development for this game were UI Artist, Animator, and Tester. I made all of the buttons, boxes that you can click, etc. Shown above is the level select screen for Wake Up, Koala! All the assets were made by me except the flower, background and representations of the worlds. 
Shown above are some more examples of what the game looks like and some assets I had made including the buttons and box that houses the text and buttons. 
This is an example of the in-game screen of Wake Up, Koala! Here you can see the settings screen overlay which was done by me.
Shown above is a screenshot of the work that was done in Adobe Illustrator to make the animation for the canopy in every level. 
This is another example of the work I did in Adobe Illustrator to make all the different buttons that appear in Wake Up, Koala! Each button had to have an Up state and a down state for when the button is pressed, so you can see a slightly darker version of every button.
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