Dino Tank is an action game that combines the two coolest things in the world: dinosaurs and tanks! Compete against other dinosaur families in various theaters of war for an all-out networked battle for ownership of Pangea! Silly and fun in-tone, scalable to limitless possibilities, Dino Tank feeds the beast and answers the age-old question,

“What would it have been like if the dinosaurs had driven tanks?”

My contributions to this project include the UI/UX desin,  UI art and QA testing. 

Above is a screenshot of the in-game view of the HUD the I design and custom-made icons and the HUD itself.
The UI displayed above had gone through many iterations over the 8 months that I had to work on the project. It started as a simple layout where we could test the game out on mobile and be able to get a feel of how we wanted the user experience to be like. Over time as the game evolved, so did the UI to what you see above. 
The reason for how the UI above is that we wanted the user to feel like they were playing as the tank with the textured green HUD surrounding all the interactable buttons on the screen. 
The challenge that I ran into while designing this kind of HUD was the limited about of screen space I had to work with as this game is designed for mobile. There were many iterations that played around with placement and the size of the edges of the HUD trying to balance out the amount of room the HUD would cover up. Every pixel that the HUD covers up is less room for the player to see the actual game and may cover up an element in the game and that could impact gameplay. 
Another screenshot of some in-game assets that I made. After many iterations, we decided to keep a more generic and simple to the point scene where the user is presented with all the information that is needed to the player with a generic flair. 
The amount of information is limited to keep it simple and the clickable buttons are all made very obvious and each buttons icon's are very generic to keep them universally understandable.
Various icons that are created for various functions in the game such as ability icons, powerups shop icons, etc. 
The main idea behind these assets are to keep the military feel of the game while adding in the cartoon element to make the style makes sense and have the art style unified.
Some of the HUD pieces and icons that I made that that appear throughout various parts of the game. 
The assets shown above that are part of the HUD, it is designed for the HUD to be separate pieces that are to be pieced together in Unity to allow for transparency so there wouldn't be invisible bounding parts on the map. 
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