This is Behind Enemy Limes, an infinite runner created for Android using Unity 3D. Behind Enemy Limes was created in 2013 over the course of a semester by a group of three. Alan Lam created button and background assets, Payton Orr created character and cutscene assets, and Jake Rodelius implemented art and scripted the gameplay.
As the player your goal is to protect the Broccolli from the opposing fruit attacking him from above. The fruit fall on the right portion of the screen and the player taps them to kill them. Points are rewarded for squashing fruit. The Broccoli can be hit three times before the game ends.
In addition to an onslaught of falling fruit, the player must also destroy incoming Genetically Modified Strawberries that approach from behind. These require 5 taps to squish but scores the player more points.
When the game ends the player records their name with their score, which is then compiled onto a local high score board.
The high score screen displays the ten highest scores with their player names, as well as the score earned in the previous game.
This game provides the player control over individual volumes, the ability to mute the game entirely, and the ability to reset the local high score board. The credits button replaces the options with the names of the developers.
Play Behind Enemy Limes for free on Android!
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