This ides behind this design was to have a simple design that focuses of soothing colors to look at while keeping the the design clear and to the point. It was a personal choice to make the buttons grey and some of the icons grey because I find it very soothing and universal. 
On first start up of the app, the user will be able to choose their color scheme, choose what shows up oh their screens, enter their name, connect their other social medias, choose preferred themes of articles that show up on their feed, etc. 
From the start screen the use only has to click the enter button to enter the app. This screen exists to give that initial simple display  of what the user chose such as the weather or whatever the user decides to choose to show.
Shown in the second and fourth screens is the "home" screen where users can see their top relevant news to them. They can choose to swipe up/down for the different categories or left/right for news/stories in the same category. Note* the black arrows are to show that and do not appear in app.
The fourth screen shows that the user has clicked the car icon which brings up only articles related to cars with all other functions. 
Once the user clicks the menu icon, they will be brought to the list of options to choose from. All listed and easy to navigate.
Shown on the right is an example of what one of the screens would look like. Options within each section will be clearly shown and the user will have a easy option to go back is they misclick or want to change something else. 
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